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Dress 4 Sucsess 2?

2008-02-23 16:22:31 by errod88

Yeah I'm thinkin' since Dress 4 Sucsess was passed I might make like A Squel with a person other then a stick figure, so it's gonna be a real person, have better clothes, better audio and a mute button
also it'll have an intro of why you need to dress him and there will be a menu where you can pick if you want to dress a man or a lady


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2008-02-23 16:37:29

i noticed you insult peaple a lot in your review replies
you can get in trouble with that man

for a first its ok though

(p.s. : dont insult me here lol)

errod88 responds:

I wasn't insulting them I was just telling them That I knew my game sucked